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Address: 208, Jafferbhoy Industrial Estate Makwana Lane, Marol Naka, Andheri Kurla Rd Andheri East Mumbai

Phone: 9326673496

E-Mail: seo@beco.co.in

Website: https://letsbeco.com/

WhatsApp: 9326673496

Company Profile: Making eco-friendly lifestyle easy with bamboo & cornstarch based products.

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A little revolution now and then is a good thing. How we live, what we buy and what we throw away has ripple effects on the world around us.

Therefore, we are dedicated to eco-friendly and biodegradable alternatives you just can’t wait to use in your home. For the past few years, we’ve been a company with strong beliefs about the rights of people and planet. We believe that a company's values are as important as the products it makes.

We know that plant-based products can provide the efficacy you are looking for, and that products designed from compostable plant-based ingredients are a more sustainable option than ingredients made from plastic. We believe that waste, is well... a waste.

It's why we offer end to end sustainability – from raw material sourcing to manufacturing processes to packaging to delivery to disposal of the used product. We have a lot of beliefs, but the biggest one is doing things right, being trustworthy, positive and straightforward. We invite you on our journey to nurture simplicity, spirituality and purity. What do you believe?